about us


Open Boat Projects is a platform on which water sports enthusiasts present their self-constructed DIY projects around boating. The idea for this platform was born in the german sailing forum . It started with a trade fair appearance at Boot 2020, where a large number of DIY projects were presented live. The aim of the whole is to show which tools and technical possibilities can be used to implement your own projects. The projects presented are intended to encourage interested parties to implement their own projects and contribute their own ideas that can be used by others. The focus is on open-source and open-hardware as well as sharing ideas. In the meantime a lot of interesting projects have been realized. Further projects will be added in the future. The main exchange takes place in german sailing forum under the heading open-boat-projects.org . We invite all interested parties to participate. You don't have to be an expert, everyone is welcome to contribute!



Maker Faire

  • Useful 3D parts for marine applications
  • open workshops 
    • 3D printing and its possibilities
    • CAD systems for mechanics, electronics, simulation
    • Manufacturing capabilities
Additional information can also be found on the following page: https://github.com/open-boat-projects-org