PBus from Philippi

Fig.: PBus Mastervolt Adapter (Phillipi)

The PBus is not actually a marine bus system like the other marine bus systems. The PBus was developed by Philippi for a niche application to connect current sensors and some other sensors such as level sensors with Phillipi display devices. The protocol is based on the lowest level on the CAN layer. The components are equipped with standardized M12 connectors, as are also used with NMEA2000. However, it should be noted that PBus devices and NMEA2000 devices may not be operated together in the same bus system, even though they use the same connector technology. PBus does not use the CAN protocol at a higher level and relies on a slow serial protocol.

Further technical information about the PBus protocol is not known. PBus devices can only be used in Philippi PBus networks and are not compatible with other bus systems. Philippi only offers gateways to other marine bus systems for NMEA2000 with the CBN. However, only a few data can be transferred to NMEA2000. There is also a PBus Mastervolt Bridge, which allows integration of Mastervolt devices.

Fig.: CBN-NMEA2000 bus coupler


There are no open source implementations for the PBus.