I2C modules by Horter & Kalb


The I2CModules of the Horter company (LxW 65x45mm) can be used for boat automation because they can be connected to any microcontroller and the Rasperry Pi. The I2C bus is actually intended for communication between ICs on a circuit board. But there are also numerous Extensions with which the bus signals can be amplified and electrically isolated so that further distances can be bridged with shielded cables of up to 50m. The I2C modules from Horter are designed so that they can be used in Support frame can be installed for fastening. Alternatively, they can also be mounted on top hat rails. At Horter, up to 28 different DIN rail modules and other modules can be purchased. Most of the modules are offered as kits with prices between 10 and 30 euros. Due to the large number of modules, different complex applications can be implemented.

The following modules would be of interest for boat automation:

  • I2C digital input module 8x 0… 24V with optocoupler
  • I2C digital output module 8x 0… 24V 1A with optocoupler
  • I2C analog input module 4x 0… 2V, 0… 10V, +/- 10V, 20mA (each input can be configured individually), 18 bit resolution
  • I2C analog output module 4x 0… 10V, 40 mA, short-circuit proof, 10 bit resolution
  • I2C 433MHz radio transmitter (to control wireless switch boxes)
  • 5V / 3A power supply for I2C modules
  • I2C repeater with level adjustment for Raspi 2/3/4
  • I2C module for Arduino Pro Micro
  • I2C module for Wemos D1 mini (ESP8266)
  • I2C displays
  • Supply voltage input 7V… 40V, output voltage 5V / 3A

This can do some nice things like:

  • Boat automation with Arduino Pro Micro module
  • Boat automation with ESP8266 and ESP32 via WLAN
  • Boat automation with Raspi and NodeRed
  • Extensions for the Marine Control Server (MCS)
  • Signal acquisition and output for SignalK (a corresponding plug-in would still have to be programmed)
  • Extension modules for the Multifunction display
  • Control of analog pointer instruments via analog outputs for historical boats
  • and and and….

If you need some suggestions, you can find some on the Horter website sample applications Find.