DIY Tiller Pilot

  • Restart 08/2018
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  • Standby since 09/2019
  • currently no further activities, as problems of the sensor calibration have not been solved satisfactorily
  • current approach distribution:
    • AHRS 9-axis digital sensor (compass, gyro, acceleration sensor)
    • ESP32 controller unit (possibly a combination of fuzzy control / classic control algorithms)
    • Actuator industrial linear unit
  • Status: Tests on the position sensor AHRS (Altitude and Heading Reference Sensor)
  • Most projects are still in the concept development phase
  • There are currently three projects working on the topic:

Concept 1 with Raspi as controller and external sensor network

Concept 2 with ESP32 as controller

Concept 3 self-sufficient compact tiller pilot

Prototype AHRS GY953 with ESP8266

Data of the prototype AHRS in OpenPlotter


Functional principle of the fusion with complementary filters

Rudder position sensor made from 3D printed parts by Malte

Prototype with GPS sensor from Malte

Linear actuator disassembled