MAIANA ™: The Open Source AIS Transponder

Peter Antypas self-built an AIS class B receiver / transmitter and presented it on Github:

The device combines the following functions:

  • AIS class B receiver / transmitter
  • 161.975 MHz (channel 87B), 162.025 MHz (channel 88B)
  • 2W transmission power
  • Silicon Labs 4463 transceiver ICs
  • STM32L412 microcontroller 80MHz
  • GPS Quectel L70R module, ceramic SMD antenna
  • 3.3V UART output at 38.4Kbps
  • NMEA0183 data telegrams
  • Update rate 1 Hz
  • 12V / 30 mA
  • fully open-source on Github

The reception of AIS signals is not a problem, whereas transmission requires a permit.