First of all, a few important notes that you should definitely pay attention to.

SensESP is a library that facilitates the integration of ESP8266 and ESP32 based sensors and actuators in a signaK network. The framework is based on PlatformIO and is mostly written in C++. Basically, recurring and important functions are mapped by the framework, so that programming and connecting your own sensors to SignalK is quite easy. Currently there are several well-documented examples of different sensors such as:

  • Tank sensor (10 ... 180 Ohm)
  • Temperature sensors (DS18B20, SHT31)
  • Temperature sensors with a thermopile sensor for higher temperatures up to 500 ° C
  • Voltage measurement 0… .15V
  • BME280 environmental sensor (temperature, air pressure, humidity)
  • Frequency counter (e.g. for wind speed, motor speed, shaft speed)
  • Heading sensor (9DOF)
  • GPS coordinates with speed and direction
  • Battery monitoring with INA219
  • Brightness sensor
  • Speed sensor
  • Relay control as output when measured values exceed limit values

The repository also contains a universal board for an ESP8266 to which various sensors can be connected.

custom-built ESP32 development board in a waterproof enclosure

Here is a software example for a flow sensor:

#include "sensesp_app.h"
#include "wiring_helpers.h"

ReactESP app ([] () {
SetupSerialDebug (115200);

// create a new application for flow meter
sensesp_app = new SensESPApp ();

// setup the fuel flow meter on two pins
// ESP8266 pins are specified as DX
// ESP32 pins are specified as just the X in GPIOX
#ifdef ESP8266
uint8_t pinA = D5;
uint8_t pinB = D6;
1TP3 Telif defined (ESP32)
uint8_t pinA = 4;
uint8_t pinB = 5;

// setup flow meter
setup_fuel_flow_meter (pinA, pinB);

// start application
sensesp_app-> enable ();

Example circuit diagram (Fritzing)

Realization on breadboard

Realization as a circuit board (Gerber Files)

Here is a more professional one Board with ESP32 and breadboard for your own circuits

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