SeaSmart by Digital Marine Gauges

SeaSmart is a group of protocol implementations of different bus types, for the uncomplicated data exchange between marine devices from the company Digital marine gauges was developed. SeaSmart focuses on the transmission and display of boat information, especially over Ethernet and WiFi connections. Web browsers serve as display devices, which receive their data from special gateways from SeaSmart.Net. SeaSmart is not very common and rather a niche product.


For SeaSmart there is an open source implementation by Timo Lappalainen in his NMEA2000 Lib. This makes it possible to transmit NMEA2000 data via special NMEA0183 telegrams, which are referred to as SeaSmart. Since NMEA0183 can also be transmitted via Ethernet and WiFi, it is also possible to transmit NMEA2000 data via Ethernet.