Ethernet is the well-known connection technology in the computer sector, which is very robust and fail-safe due to the galvanic decoupling of the end devices. Ethernet connections enable transmission speeds between 10Mbit/s up to 10GBit/s. Shielded 2-wire lines or fiber optic cables can be used as the transmission medium. RJ45 plugs have established themselves as connectors for cable connections, but they are not suitable for marine applications in humid environments. Due to its widespread use and worldwide use, Ethernet connection technology is very inexpensive. For marine applications, commercial equipment manufacturers often use proprietary waterproof connectors that are not standardized. NMEA OneNet and RayNet are based on Ethernet but use different connection technology. If the water tightness requirements are not too high, cost-effective installations can be implemented using conventional components from PC network technology such as routers, switches and cables.

NMEA0183 over Ethernet overcomes NMEA0183 transmission speed limitations.