DIY remote control for Seatalk autopilot

First of all, a few important notes that you should definitely pay attention to.

  • OpenSource Seatalk radio remote control for Raymarine autopilots
  • Basis: Arduino ProMicro and 433MHz radio module
  • Simple 433MHz 4-channel radio transmitter can be used
  • Plus / minus 1 and plus / minus 10 degree steps
  • Can also be combined with an OLED display (e.g. for wind display)
  • Simple solderability through the use of conventional components in through-hole technology
  • Programming with Arduino IDE
  • Costs (circuit board and components): approx. 50 EUR
  • Boards can be ordered from (

Full documentation and program available on GitHub:

Many successful replicas / extensions in the sailing forum:


Examples of replicas / modifications:

Test setup with display.


Integration in older autopilots.


Integration in NMEA2000 bus via Seatalk adapter.