DIY wind sensor WiFi 1000

First of all, a few important notes that you should definitely pay attention to.

Windsensor 3D Modell

  • Measurement of wind direction and wind speed
  • Robust mechanics
  • Weight <= 250g
  • Small enough to be grown on a 6.60m sailboat
  • Replacement for a Windex
  • Weatherproof and UV-stable
  • Visibility at night thanks to reflectors on the bottom
  • No cable laying for sensor signals
  • Pure digital transmission and signal processing
  • 12V power supply via toplight (50mA, 0.5W)
  • Transfer of data via WLAN (ESP8266)
  • Update rate: 1-2 measurements per second
  • No installation instrument required
  • Display in OpenPlotter via laptop, mobile phone or tablet
  • No software installation required (displayed on the website in the browser)
  • Android app available
  • Support of common protocols such as NMEA 0183 (serial, TCP / IP)
  • More than 30 systems have already been built and in use

Fig: Wind sensor concept with Raspi and M5Stack

Fig: Mechanical functional principle


Android app (boat mode and weather station mode)

Fig: Individual parts of the wind sensor