Marine Control Server


GeDaD MCS // Marine Control Server


The MCS is an interface module for marine applications. With its six serial interfaces (NMEA0183 compatible), its CAN interface (NMEA2000 compatible), its 1-wire interface and its I2C interface, it offers ideal integration options in all systems. A Raspberry Pi is used as the brain of the system, via which all data can be processed. Ready-made programs for “Openplotter” and “Signal K” are available for the system, so that integration and data processing becomes child's play.

  • Easy to use adapter board for marine applications
  • Combines different interfaces
  • Suitable for the Raspberry Pi4
  • High input voltage tolerance (8-28V)
  • Integrated 5V switching regulator
  • Automatic mode for shutting down the Raspberry Pi and for switching off the MCS
  • 6x NMEA0183® compatible interface (configurable as input or output)
  • 1x NMEA2000® compatible interface
  • 1x 1-Wire® interface with real 1-Wire
  • 1x 5V tolerant I²C® interface
  • Ready-made open source app for open plotters
  • pre-assembled without housing
  • open development
  • Cost: approx. 75 EUR (fully assembled circuit board including mounting material for Raspberry Pi4 including invoice), extra housing



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