LiPoFe4 batteries imported from China

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Lifepo4 Battery Instruction

Worth knowing (German translation)

  • Cheap LiFePo4 batteries imported from China
  • Well-known Chinese manufacturer Bejing XD Batteries with experience in battery construction since 2006
  • 60% Savings compared to products from German retailers
  • CE, UL, ISO9001, RohS certification
  • 5 year guarantee from the Chinese manufacturer
  • By default, a waterproof BMS with 100A is installed at 12V, peak load 300A (+ 50A / 3sec),
    At 24V and 48V standard BMS 150A (peak 450A)
  • higher output possible
  • Up to 4 batteries can be connected and charged in parallel
  • Series connection is not possible (then use the appropriate battery type with a higher voltage)
  • Consists of prismatic cells from Chinese manufacturers
  • Closed, waterproof housing
  • Batteries with flat terminals (screw-on round terminals can be ordered)
  • The configuration of the batteries is variable
    • 12V 100Ah: 326 X 170 X 220 14kg
    • 12V 200Ah: 521 X 238 X 218 22kg
    • 24V 100Ah: 528 X 238 X 218 23kg
    • 24V 200Ah: 483 X 430 X 227 45kg
    • 48V 100Ah: 483 X 225 X 383 46kg
    • 48V 200Ah: 450 X 320 X 250 90kg
  • There were quality problems with some batteries regarding:
    • Incorrect installation position of the cells
    • Fixation of the charging electronics with adhesive tape
    • Space wasted due to oversized housing with foam filling
    • Soldered power cables instead of connections with compression sleeves
    • Loose compression sleeves on power cables
    • Uneven cell charge level on delivery
    • Incorrect display of the battery capacity in the app
    • Sale of user batteries with 1000 charge cycles according to the app
  • Also available with Bluetooth for displaying voltage, current and capacity via an iPhone or Android app (Liontron LX Smart BMS)
    • The Android app is very rudimentary and can do no more than shown in the picture
    • A lot more is possible with the iPhone app


Android app from Liontron


iPhone app

Pictures of the inside of the battery. As can be seen, only a smaller part of the volume is used in the battery housing and the rest is filled with filling material.

Open housing (above board with BMS and separate Bluetooth module)

Battery pack