Maritime Data Server (MDS)

Fig.: MDS dashboard

The MDS – Mmaritime Data Server was developed to store and display boat data.

Which data can be saved?

During development, emphasis was placed on having a system that was as flexible as possible. The MDS is currently prepared for temperatures, voltages, GPS values, pressure and humidity, digital values, etc. Further data can be created by defining sensor types in the database.

Where does this data come from?

The data can come from an Arduino, ESP32, Raspberry PI or any other device. Also the LoRa boat monitor by Norbert can be used without further modification to his software. All you have to do is set up a webhook in the TTN. The data can be sent to a Web API via WiFi or GSM, or the LoRa/TTN network can be used. On the MDS, multiple users can only see their own hardware in the form of boards. Everyone has their own personalized dashboard. Sensors can be moved using Drag&Drop. Limit values and colors of the measured values can be adjusted. There is also a graph view in which the progression of measured values is clearly displayed.

Fig.: Graphic progression of the measured values

Under "Map" you can see your boards on a map with the respective position data.

Fig.: Position data of the boards (demo)

If the defined limit values of certain sensors are exceeded or not reached, the MDS sends an e-mail or telegram message and the owner is informed.

Responsive design

A responsive design was important to me when developing the MDS. This means that the pages can be displayed in a meaningful way regardless of the end device used (PC, tablet or mobile phone), without having to build a separate front end for each device or the corresponding resolution.

Fig.: Responsive design of the websites

Data transfer

Here is a graphic representation of possible data transfers:

Fig.: Data transmission paths

Further information

A demo version of the MDS:
password: test

The source code is published on Github.

The homepage of the project founder: