DIY engine diagnostics

First of all, a few important notes that you should definitely pay attention to.

  • Retrofitting for all motor types, as independent sensors are used
  • Use of cheap sensors
  • Measurements of various engine parameters
  • Flow rate cooling water (impulse, YF-S201B)
  • Temperature cooling circuits (1Wire, DS18B20)
  • Engine compartment temperature (1Wire, DS18B20)
  • Engine RPM (Pulse, GP2A26 Sharp)
  • Output Shaft Speed (Pulse, GP2A26 Sharp)
  • Tank level via pressure sensor
  • Engine operating hours (via speed detection)
  • Power supply via 12V on-board network
  • Data processing with ESP8266
  • Data transfer via WLAN
  • Data protocol NMEA0183, partly with customer-specific telegrams
  • Data display via OpenPlotter
  • Simple web front end for operation and display via mobile phone
  • Waterproof case
  • Installation location in the engine compartment for short cables
  • All sensors connected by cable
  • Price less than 120 euros for material
  • Current Circuit diagram
  • Board is with Aisler orderable
  • Current software: Source code, Binary file


Electronics box

Electronics box prototype

Speed sensor with light barrier

Flow sensor

Measured values in OpenPlotter

Engine speed sensor on pulley

Flow sensor sea water circuit with Gardena couplings for quick bridging

Speed measurement shaft exit

Board layout by Hans-Jürgen

Assembled board