about us


Open Boat Projects is a platform on which water sports enthusiasts present their self-constructed DIY projects around boating. The idea for this platform was born in the german sailing forum born and brought into being by some people. It all started with a trade fair appearance at Boot 2020, where a large number of DIY projects were presented live. The aim of the whole thing is to show which tools and technical possibilities can be used to implement your own projects.… Continue reading

Open workshops

Shared economy

Don't have your own machines and tools? No handicraft basement? Or just looking for like-minded people?
The so-called maker scene has been booming for several years. Open workshops, FabLabs, MakerSpaces, HackerSpaces, hands-on and self-help workshops and repair cafes are being built in many cities. All with the aim of sharing expensive machines and tools, exchanging experiences, and using resources efficiently.
Modern 3D printers, CNC milling machines, laser cutters, soldering stations and know-how are often available.… Continue reading

3D printing for useful parts


Since 3D printers are cheap these days, it's worth printing out one or the other useful part yourself. The imagination knows no limits. Basically anything you need can be printed. But you have to be a little careful when it comes to the strength and sun tolerance of the parts. Not all plastics are suitable for outdoor maritime applications.… Continue reading